About Us

Welcome to HEARTS Atelier!


HEARTS company was founded in Portugal in 2011 by the proud descendants of Portuguese hand embroiderers to become the world’s finest hand embroidery atelier.

The excellence of HEARTS comes from the unique richness of “Terra de Sousa” hand embroidery, which is based on decades of experience of the delicate hands from the Sousa Valley embroiderers, in northern Portugal.

“Terra de Sousa” embroidery encompasses over two-hundred stitching techniques, most of which are performed with this high-grade of expertise only in Portugal and are unique in the world.

As heirs of this special cultural tradition which was transmitted since immemorial times across generations of embroiderers from mothers and grandmothers to daughters and granddaughters, at HEARTS we strive for perfection, intending to be guardians of the essence of the human knowledge and sensibility made embroidered art in the Sousa Valley region.

This way, by combining tradition and modernity in an innovative environment, we create exquisite hand embroidered home textiles and fashion pieces, seeking to permanently reach the utmost satisfaction of our customers around the world.

Our attention to personalized service is also a priority. With that in mind we take a collaborative approach to help you create the textiles you want. Whether you are an interior designer or a fashion designer, a design dedicated team is available to work with you to achieve your desired results.


The idea behind HEARTS is simple: to represent your best source of luxury hand embroidered home and fashion products and hand embroidery services.

Please browse through our website to get a better taste of what we have to offer, and we invite you to visit our company at the heart of northern Portugal, for a closer look at our passion for hand embroidery.


HEARTS stimulates sustainable local development through the promotion of hand embroidery and the production of ecological home textiles and fashion pieces.