Our baptism towels are handmade with love by our master embroiderers and especially personalized for your baby baptism ceremony. The baptism towel is made in pure linen and can be personalized with your baby name or initials, as well as with religious symbols of your preference. In order to specify […]

Personalized Baptism Towel

The Winter cold days are here and the snow has arrived to the mountains of northern Portugal. Inspired by this wonderful scenario our master embroiderers embroidered a luxury new set of linen placemats for a special seasonal design. There is beauty in cold 🙂

Winter Luxury

The work in “papelão” is one of the key features that distinguishes the “Terra do Sousa” embroidery. This technique is unique in the world and consists of folding several sheets of paper (usually paper bags and newspapers) that will serve as base for the placement of the fabric to be […]

“Papelão”: Human Ingenuity