HEARTS was founded in 2011 as the first company placing the craftsmanship of the Portuguese hand embroiderers from the Sousa Valley region at the center of its corporate identity.

Our Mission

HEARTS company exists to be your source of the finest hand embroidered products and hand embroidery services.

Our Vision

We aim to be recognized as the world’s finest hand embroidery atelier.

Our Values


We thoroughly invest in the quality of our hand embroidery services and embroidered products, aiming to meet your most demanding expectations.


This is the base of our foundation. Combining tradition with an innovative design, we permanently seek to fully integrate the refinement of the traditional Portuguese embroidery in high-end fashion pieces and luxury home textiles.


Each HEARTS piece is exclusive and results from the unique mastery and love for the art of hand embroidery that each of our craftswomen place in its work. The possibility of customisation combined with the exquisite handmade work gives each individual article a special charisma.


With our activity of promoting the traditional Portuguese embroidery, we are contributing to an improvement in the society, through a conduct ruled by the concern for the environment and by a policy of integrated and sustainable development.


The tradition of the hand-made embroidery of the North of Portugal carries with it a cultural treasure, by representing a timeless heritage that distinguish us and that we wish to perpetuate in the future.


The human resources are the center of HEARTS success, being our most precious asset. Our embroiderers are our past and our present, and with them we will fulfil the vision that inspires us!