Our Brands

Currently HEARTS company owns three brands: HEARTS – Hand Embroidery Arts®, CASTELUX® and The Child Artist®.

HEARTS – Hand Embroidery Arts®


HEARTS – Hand Embroidery Arts® is our corporate brand since HEARTS foundation. HEARTS – Hand Embroidery Arts® represents the wonderful tradition of Portuguese hand embroidery applied in the artistic creation of fashion and home textiles. Since 2011 the art of master embroiderers from Northern Portugal is being expressed in the contemporary, sophisticated and elegant design of HEARTS and has spread around the world, seeking to permanently reach the most exquisite desires of our customers.



CASTELUX® represents the tradition of the most refined hand-made embroidery, applied in the artistic design of table textiles. Inspired by ancestral knowledge, CASTELUX® products are manufactured in linen of the highest quality and embroidered with delicate hemstitch and fine embroidery, typical of the “Vale de Sousa” region. Visit the website of CASTELUX®!

The Child Artist®


The Child Artist® is the brand of luxury handcrafted fashion accessories for women inspired by children’s art. We believe that every child is an artist and that children’s creativity through art must be celebrated. With this in mind we apply the most exquisite hand embroidery techniques to embroider children’s drawings and paintings from all over the world.
By combining the unique purity of the child art with the craftsmanship of Portuguese hand embroiderers and with the extreme quality of ecological fabrics, we produce the most luxurious fashion accessories for women. Visit the website of The Child Artist®!