Partnership with “Espaço Fortuna”

Some people are so rare and special that when we have the privilege to meet them we must celebrate it.

Recently we had the honor to meet Sebastião Fortuna, a man whose dreams make happen, of unique intelectual brightness and humanistic spirit and with a long and rich life dedicated to art and crafts, having founded the “Espaço Fortuna” more than 30 years ago.

This Centre of Arts and Crafts is located at the gorgeous Natural Park of Arrábida and was recently acquired by the Palmela Municipality, being dedicated to the promotion and production of Portuguese traditional pottery.

During our visit to “Espaço Fortuna” we had the great pleasure of  meeting the wonderful team that manage and gives shape and “life” to pottery pieces of rare beauty.

In the sequence of this visit, HEARTS and “Espaço Fortuna” decided to start a partnership which unite the two noble crafts that are the handmade production of embroidery and pottery.

We invite you to appreciate, hoping that you will enjoy it, and if you wish to acquire the set, contact us!

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